Posted by: sakticouture | September 9, 2008

Sakti favorite fall fashion 2008!

Ok, believe it or not, summer is over and the cold weather is here. No more skin showing for some of us and welcome the darker apparels and tons of layers!! Well, I am a fashion addict and obsessed with fashion magazine. These are the my favorite for fall fashion this year and enjoy playing the dress up game. Please do not forget to check our website : to find the exotic handmade handbags from Southeast Asia to complete your fall look!! However, this is just my point of view and fashion is a very subjective matter so it is up to you to decide your own style!

1. Biker leather jacket (or faux for cheaper option!)

When I was in Montreal, Canada, I bought this cute faux leather motorcycle cropped jacket while cruising Rue St. Laurent (Boutique called ‘Limite’) because I saw so many good looking people in Montreal with all black die hard rock

 fashion. It’s crazy that almost every guy in Montreal can be mistakenly identified as Jonas Brothers, Good charlotte or Fall out Boys. I saw a cute cropped leather jacket at Forever 21 and there are actually almost everywhere now. My only tips are that it has to be cropped and must be have some antique metal finished so it will bring out the rocker side of you. 

How to wear it? Emh, Sakticouture has an isabella clutch that cute to be paired with this jacket and skinny jeans. You can wear with almost any tops or dresses. Two days ago, I wore my biker jacket with a black flared miniskirt and polo ralph lauren shirt. One more tip, wear some black silver studded bangle or black bootie. 

2. Leather pants/leggings. 

Yesterday, while I was cruising the mall (the only mall in Santa Fe sadly) I saw a cute faux leather leggings on the mannequin (at Wet seal) and I quickly looked around the store so I can have a pair too. Unfortunately, they don’t have anything smaller than M and M doesn’t fit me so well. Arghh, it was a tragedy because I really want a leather pants because it is coming back now! During the red carpet for Fashion Rocks recently, Charlize Theron nailed the leather pants with shiny metallic jackets and made the “good fashion awrads” by the fashion critics today. 

My tip is the leather jacket must be skinny pants or leggings. I prefer the leggings type and wear with high heels for “tall” effect (doesn’t matter whether booties, sandals, open too but must be very black high heels). I love the leather leggings with sheer Victorian or Renaissance blouse with a lot of ruffles and pleated. I know some people kinda scared with the leather pants look, but trust me, little unique executions will change the Harley Davidson look to chic urban style. Larok at Bloomingdale (as pictured on left) has a cute leather leggings but its kinda expensive. I will prefer the Wet Seal at $18.95 when they start having size S for me to buy!!! I know, I have check Wet Seal on line and they don’t have it there! 😦

3. White long sleeve blouses and The Satchel bag. 

I really crazy over long sleeve Victorian/medieval and Renaissance blouses. It is not only because Jonathan Rhys Myers in ‘Tudors’ look so hot as King Henry wearing it but because this is a style that really me! I have few of this kind of blouses/tops for many years and have been keeping them just in case this style is coming back. love the ruffles, sheer materials, pleated puffy sleeves and button down blouses. Off white, white and cream are so “in” for falls. I am not so crazy about tulle embroidered materials but this fall, the feels are more satin, organza and silk blouses. White blouses is always “in” but the more vintage, medieval looks is better for fall fashion. 

How to wear them? I love this white blouses with high waist pencil skirt or leather leggings with long necklace! Don’t wear it with other pants except for skinny or leggings because the tops already carry the volume! Another fall new look is to have this blouse with satchel bag and I am loving it. Sakticouture has a nice exotic Satchel bag like Victory and please check it out.

4. Modern little black dress. 

Every woman must have little black dress in their closet and I am very happy to share that my first LBDdress was a birthday gift from my former boss! LBD is not even “little” but must be bold, modern and dramatic. The new LBD is very rich and not very “boring’ anymore. I love them with new modern cut, edgy, lace, some sheer and very-very different. Do not scared about a having a lot of texture on your LBD such as a big satin ribbon, big brooches or studded with sequins or beads because they are so “in”. Wear it with a very simple open toe high heels pump a cute simple black clutch like Isabella from  

I saw this new modern LBD from BCBG and I love it. Very modern and bold yet classy and elegant. Do not wear with big earring or necklace jewellery. A simple diamond (or fake) earring will do with natural makeup. I will wear this dress with a rhinestones studded silver brooch on the top side of the dress and be a princess for a day. Silver shiny rhinestone cuff bracelet will complete the look and forget the necklace. 

5. Ballet style stirrups legging.


Yeah, 80’s style is back and I can go crazy with this stirrups legging! Wear it underneath tunic, fitted dresses or long blouses (make sure you covered your ass when you wear this leggings). 

I love to wear this leggings with ballerina flats and the biker jacket. This casual look perfect for everyday look and so comfortable. Another cute look to wear it with short dress and belt. 

As picture, urban outfitters has super skinny ballet stirrups leggings in three shiny colors. My favorite is silver and black so I can have the stirrups and faux leather leggings at the same time.Yoo hoo…



6. Plaid mania!!

When I first moved in with my husband, I threw out all his old school plaid shirt and it is so funny that the plaid is back again. I am not crazy about having too much plaid in my style but I love to incorporate some plaid accessories or a plain miniskirt. I used to have a very cute plaid top when Madonna ” Tell Me” song and MTV was a hit at that time but as for this fall fashion, I think as long you have some plaid with you, it is still refreshing. I love plaid shoes, tights, scarves, hat and miniskirt. Check out the plaid booties by LAMB and I would wear this booties with leather leggings and white victorian blouses! Except that I can’t afford to buy this hot bootie! 


I am not very excited about leaving the hot weather and welcoming the cold fall weather. Luckily, I am going back to Malaysia for a month so I can be away from cold temporarily. However, I am very excited with the fall fashion trend this year and I think no matter how cold it is, I am ready to “walk” on my own runway with the latest style 🙂


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