Posted by: sakticouture | August 15, 2008

Santa Fe Art Sales?

As the epicenter of the art scene in the USA, the world comes to Santa Fe to see what is happening.  When a new comer first comes to town, they are often very surprised to see the plethora of galleries that line our streets.  How can they all survive?  Is there really so much art purchasing happening in this town that they all have viable businesses?  In discussing the challenges of being a gallery owner in Santa Fe,  one thing constantly surfaces; the staff in the gallery makes all the difference and is harder to find than a Dali in the desert.  Some galleries are blessed to find the perfect personality that is passionate about art and great at sales.  If they can’t find the full package in one individual, they try to hire someone with one of these two skills and train for the other.  So how to your train the art historian to be an outgoing salesman when they have never approached a stranger before?  How do you train the ace salesman who could sell anything to appreciate the qualities of light on a rock or the variation of color in a solid block contemporary oil?
If you create the training program for gallery sales, I can sell it here in Santa Fe for you.


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